March 31, 2006


by JJ Cameron

An unhappy Eric Moulds looks to be receiving the trade he’s been demandingDon't Mess with Eric Moulds for the last few weeks. The veteran receiver refused to restructure his contract in Buffalo and now the Bills are on the verge of shipping him to Houston for a fourth round pick in this year’s NFL Draft.

Moulds should serve at the ideal complement to Andrew Johnson. Maybe the young receiver won’t completely suck this season and ruin certain people’s fantasy football teams! Perhaps David Carr will also now live up to his billing.

It’s been a busy off-season for wide outs. Keyshawn Johnson went to Carolina; Randy Moss’ agent was arrested; Terrell Owens ended up in Dallas. Sadly, the NFL also cracked down on endzone celebrations, meaning we may have to appreciate Chad Johnson only for his talent.


March 30, 2006


by JJ Cameron

Will Randy Moss Rebound in 2006?We’re not saying you shouldn’t draft Randy Moss just because his agent was arrested. But it’s hard to imagine this occurrence having a positive effect on such a malcontented superstar.

Dante DiTrapno was taken into custody this week after failing to appear at a hearing from an arrest on March 14 for felony possession of crack cocaine. In this as bad as robbing people? It’s difficult to say. But Moss certainly robbed many fantasy owners of a quality season last year with his disappointing performance.

There are other reasons, meanwhile, why Moss may have fallen out of good graces with fantasy football owners. His future quarterback, Aaron Brooks, is one of them. Unless Moss dons the uniform of the opposing team, he may never see a pass come his way.

Other signings will also have a domino effect. Terrell Owens may be a despicable human being, but he’ll catch many touchdowns in Dallas next season. Steve Smith and Chad Johnson should also have risen above Moss on your draft board. As you can tell, the most arresting development from this story is that a certain Oakland receiver is no longer among the game’s elite.


March 23, 2006


by JJ Cameron

Keyshawn Stumbles Into CarolinaOk, so the Files can’t be right all the time. A couple days after reporting that Keyshawn Johnson might sign with New York, the selfish possession receiver inked a four-year deal with Carolina instead.

While far from a dominant talent, Johnson is the ideal complement to Steve Smith. With Keyshawn patrolling the middle of the field, expect Smith to be open even more often on go routes and bombs. Could he even be the first receiver drafted in your fantasy league? We think so.

Thanks to this result and the previous one of DeShaun Foster, the Panthers have built an offense to go along with a stingy D. They should be the favorite in the NFC to reac the Super Bowl next season.


March 22, 2006


by JJ Cameron

The question of who Randy Moss will scream at for the ball has finally been answered in Oaklad. After severing ties with Kerry Collins - and watching other top QBs such as Drew Brees sign elsewhere - the Raiders signed Aaron Brooks to a two-year, $8 million contract.

The former New Orleans signal caller has had an up and down career. Brooks, 30, has averaged an impressive 25 touchdown passes - and a bevy of inane interceptions - over the last five years.

A mobile passer similar to another recently signed quarterback, Daunte Culpper, Brooks will certainly have many targets in Oakland. Aside from Moss, Raiders’ wide outs include Jerry Porter and Ronald Curry. But don’t be fooled. Certain fantasy footballers that will remain anonymous drafted Brooks as their starter last season - only to see him benched by New Orleans during a 52-3 drubbing and then waived before the year ended. He MIGHT be worthy of a late round selection.

Aaron Brooks, Welcome to Oakland



by JJ Cameron

No matter what fantasy football league you participate in, you won’t be able to draft offensive linemen. This is a given. Systems can’t exactly reward points for pancake blocks. Nevertheless, a couple recent signings/cuts may affect your drafting strategy for the most important fantasy position: running back.

Let’s start in Seattle. The Seahawks did NOT match the offer to star guard, Steve Hutchinson. What will his signing with Minnesota mean for reigning MVP, Shaun Alexander? Most pundits believed that Alexander’s last couple of stellar seasons were due, in large part, to the league’s top offensive line in front of him.

So, is he still worthy of a top pick?

Larry Allen Brings the Pain In Dallas, meanwhile, players news continues to make fantasy waves. First, Terrell Owens signed. He’s a jerk. Not receiving as much publicity, however, was this week’s release of All-Pro lineman, Larry Allen. A really fat anchor on the line for 12 years on the team, Allen opened up holes for Julius Jones last season.

Where do you draft that running back now? And how many times will the statue known as Drew Bledsoe be sacked as a result of this decision?

The true fantasy football players follow such moves as these. They know, for example, that Keyshawn Johnson signing with the Giants affects more than just your wide receiver selection. This would also enhance New York’s running game because Keyshawn can, at least, block. It may bump Tiki Barber up even higher on your chart.


March 21, 2006


by JJ Cameron

Returning to NY?With Terrell Owens in Dallas, there was no room for Keyshawn Johnson. As entertaining, absurd and completely selfish a pairing as this would have made, the Cowboys cut the former first overall draft pick a couple weeks ago.

Where is he headed now? How about the same home stadium where he started his mediocre career, but with a different helmet on his head? An anonymous team official said Johnson met with the Giants this week.

While a tandem of Plaxico Burress and Keyshawn would give New York two physical, imposing receivers, does the club really need such an outspoken presence? How would that affect Eli Manning the first time he bounces a pass Keyshawn’s way?

It seems unlikely that a team led by a solid citizen such as Tiki Barber would truly give thought to this kind of addition. But the Files will you keep posted as the rumor develops.


March 20, 2006


by Michael Stephens

Back in his days with the 49ers, Terrell Owens gained notoriety for his celebrations on Texas Stadium’s star at midfield, as his team trampled host Dallas.

Owens Signs With Dallas

Now, expect such celebrations to be commonplace as Dallas’ public enemy #1 has become simply… #81. The tremendous headache / receiver signed a three-year deal worth $25 million with the Cowboys and is out to prove he got a bum rap at Philadelphia and, before that, San Francisco. But will Dallas see the best wideout in the NFL, or its biggest locker room cancer?

Jerry Jones is banking on the former. A little extra salary cap room (per the revised collective bargaining agreement) and a chance to snare a marquee free agent were enough to sway the maverick owner. Dallas will be giving Owens a $5 million signing bonus and $5 million salary for 2006. After that, Owens is slated to earn $7 million in 2007 and $8 million in 2008, but whether he makes it to that point is a different matter.

If Owens’ tenure in Philadelphia is any indicator, he should have a monster year this season, then wear out his welcome. Just ask Donovan McNabb, or Eagles offensive coordinators past and present — Brad Childress and Marty Mornhinweg. All went to bat for Owens when coach Andy Reid was mulling whether the Eagles should trade for the mercurial one in 2004. Against his better judgment, Reid made the deal.

The San Francisco migrane would become his. Just as it has now become property of Jones. Owens did all the right things in 2004, as he put up MVP-worthy numbers and staged a near miracle in playing in the Super Bowl weeks after breaking his leg. But when the Eagles wouldn’t bump up his seven-year, $48 million deal prior to last season, his ego broke loose. But will he do the same to Bill Parcells?

Only time will tell, but look for T.O. to have a monster fantasy season in 2006. He’s got a chip on his shoulder and would love nothing more than to stick it to chief NFC East rival Philadelphia by taking Big D to the top of the heap. Even with an offense that struggled last year, Owens will make everyone better and get plenty of balls thrown his way. He’s easily one of the best receivers in football and your fantasy draft should reflect this.

All bets are off in 2007, though.


March 18, 2006


by JJ Cameron

Welcome to NY, Patrick One of the worst kept secrets of the NFL rumor mill has become a reality. The Jets and Redskins completed a deal for Patrick Ramsey this week. In exchange for a sixth round pick in this year’s draft, New York picks up its potential future quarterback.

Ramsey began last season as a started in Washington before giving way to Mark Brunell. He’ll be used as an insurance policy in the Big Apple, in case Chad Pennington doesn’t return successfully from shoulder surgery.

No matter who’s behind center for the Jets, don’t waste a single fantasy draft pick on him. Both QBs must prove their worth.


March 16, 2006


by JJ Cameron

We may have spoken too soon. Or, at least, Matt Millen may have when he named Joey Harrington his club’s starter next season. Wait, Millen make a mistake? That’s unheard of.

Josh McCown Joins Detriot

Now that Detroit has signed its THIRD quarterback of the off-season, it’s likely that Harrington’s tenure as a Lion is finally, painfully over. The latest acquisition is Josh McCown. The former signal caller in Arizona, McCown inked a two-year deal and should complete with Jon Kitna for the starting assignment.

Of course, there’s also Shaun King. Millen signed him, as well. So, just to review:

That’s three wide receivers taken in the first round over the last three years and three quarterbacks signed over the last three weeks.

    Is there a reason why Millen has had this job for more than three days? Oh, he also signed Mike Martz. That could explain this recent QB explosion. Martz probably plans to start them all in a new flex offense of some sort. Let’s hope Marcus Vick is ready to have his named called by Detriot on draft day.



    by Michael Stephens

    The Philadelphia Eagles signed quarterback Jeff Garcia (pictured) on Thursday, giving Donovan McNabb a capable backup and uniting Terrell Owens‘ two least favorite human beings in one place.

    Owens Out, Garcia In

    The Eagles also signed wide receiver Jabar Gaffney as a replacement for T.O. Both were given one-year contracts.

    Garcia, 36, made three Pro Bowls in five seasons with San Francisco, where he drew the wrath of Owens despite heady play and consistently good results (sounds like a pattern here). He for Cleveland in 2004, then passed for 937 yards, three touchdowns and six interceptions in six games with the bungling Detroit Lions in 2005.

    Gaffney, 25, caught 55 passes for 492 yards and two touchdowns last season for the Houston Texans. He performed similarly well 2004, hauling in 41 passes for 632 yards and a pair of scores. The former Florida star has 171 catches for 2009 yards and seven TDs in his four-year career.

    Garcia shook off the unavoidable questions about Owens.

    “Had I signed a day or two ago, we could’ve been teammates,” Garcia said. “He’s moved on and I’ve stepped into a place where he played. That’s it. I don’t have a problem with the guy. He’s a tremendous player on the field. If I had an opportunity to be a teammate of his again, I wouldn’t back down from the situation.”

    Notice he didn’t say he’s upset that T.O. was cut. Just saying. In any case, Gaffney is a bit of a question mark as he is a good player but not a star, and his role in the Eagles’ offense remains to be seen. But he will get some looks, and is certainly worth keeping your eye on. Garcia won’t play as long as McNabb is healthy, but he’s still got something left if Philly calls on him.


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