by Michael Stephens

One Happy CommishAll together now, Fantasy Football fans: Phew!

Last night, NFL owners and the players union found common ground and some common sense and extended the collective bargaining agreement, ensuring labor peace in the league through 2011. Despite an ongoing dispute not only with the players, but with each other, the top 15 revenue-earing clubs agreed to share proceeds with the bottom 17, while making a $102 million salary cap official for this upcoming season.

It will be interesting to see, however, whether this is just the start of warring between the haves (Jerry Jones, Bob Kraft, Daniel Snyder) of the league and the have-nots (Bill Bidwill, Ralph Wilson, Mike Brown). The large-revenue teams had to cough up big bucks in order to get this deal done, and you can bet a number of them are not pleased about it.

Interestingly, Wilson and Brown were the only two owners to vote against the proposed settlement by Commissioner Paul Tagliabue. Despite the fact that they derive the most benefit from it. Strange. Approval votes from at least 24 of the 32 owners were required to ratify the deal and finally end the conflict. The current collective bargaining agreement has been in place since 1993, and the NFL’s popularity continues to soar.



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