February 17, 2006


by Michael Stephens

Matt Leinart Turns ProThink you have your draft strategy all planned out? Hold the phone.

Your fantasy draft may be impacted by another draft. One in which the teams drafting players will actually meet them. If you watch the NFL Draft, on April 29-30 in Indianapolis, you will see some tremendous talent divvied up between the pro franchises… and an obscene amount of Mel Kiper's hair on camera. Most importantly, the NFL Draft should give you a whole host of new picks to marinate over.

Where will Matt Leinart (pictured) and his USC teammates land? Will a team with a top ten pick take a chance on the electric Vince Young, who led Texas to the national title, but whose passing ability is questionable? You will have your answers to these questions and more soon enough. The scouting combine in early March should generate a lot of buzz, as teams start to hold their own workouts with players. That's when you can start to get a better idea of how the league's next crop of stars will impact the fantasy landscape next season as well.

But for now, the Files has ranked its top position players (subject to change without notice). Take a gander.


  1. Matt Leinart, USC, Sr.
  2. Vince Young, Texas, Jr.
  3. Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt, Sr.
  4. Brodie Croyle, Alabama, Sr.
  5. Charlie Whitehurst, Clemson, Sr.


  1. Reggie Bush, USC, Jr.
  2. LenDale White, USC, Jr.
  3. DeAngelo Williams, Memphis, Sr.
  4. Maurice Drew, UCLA, Jr.
  5. Laurence Maroney, Minnesota, Jr.
  6. Brian Calhoun, Wisconsin, Jr.
  7. Joseph Addai, LSU, Sr.
  8. Jerome Harrison, Washington State, Sr.


  1. Santonio Holmes, Ohio State, Jr.
  2. Sinorice Moss, Miami, Sr.
  3. Greg Jennings, Western Michigan, Sr.
  4. Maurice Stovall, Notre Dame, Sr.
  5. Chad Jackson, Florida, Jr.
  6. Travis Wilson, Oklahoma, Sr.
  7. Cory Rodgers, TCU, Jr.


  1. Vernon Davis, Maryland, Jr.
  2. Anthony Fasano, Notre Dame, Jr.
  3. Leonard Pope, Georgia, Jr.
  4. Dominique Byrd, USC, Sr.
  5. Marcedes Lewis, UCLA, Sr.
  6. David Thomas, Texas, Sr.
  7. Joe Klopfenstein, Colorado, Sr.
  8. Owen Daniels, Wisconsin, Sr.


  1. Josh Huston, Ohio State, Sr.
  2. Connor Hughes, Virginia, Sr.
  3. Deric Yaussi, Wyoming, Sr.
  4. Jon Scifres, Missouri State, Sr.
  5. Kurt Smith, Virginia, Sr.

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