May 19, 2006


by JJ Cameron

They've been labeled as "idiots" and derided for the miniscule number of bars on their helmets. But place kickers have also been responsible for some of the most exciting losses and crushing defeats in fantasy football history. With some major names changing uniforms this season, let's examine which are worth a spot on your roster this year:

  1. Mike Vanderjagt: He missed the biggest kick of the post-season. But when the games don't count as muchDavid Akers Celebrates, he has the best combination of distance and accuracy. A perfect fit in Dallas because that offense is solid enough to move ball, but not always find the endzone.
  2. Adam Vinatieri: Now kicking inside a dome in Indianapolis, he'd be the first selection, but Vinatieri's clutchness overshadows the fact that he's lost a lot of distance. You can't count on him from over 45 yards away. But without the cold win of New England, he may not miss a kick inside 40 all season.
  3. Neil Rackers: The man made 40 field goals last year - 40! He'll now have an improved offense in front of him with the addition of Edgerrin James. Expect a long of scoring in Tempe and lots of balls through the uprights.
  4. David Akers: After his gritty performance in booting an important FG with an injured hamstring, we had to include him on this list. Philly should score a lot more with Donovan McNabb back under center.
  5. Ryan Longwell: Another solid kicker moves from a cold weather climate into a dome. The Minnesota offense should have trouble moving the ball the length of the field, often having to settle for three points at a time.

Do NOT keep in mind … Sebastian Janikowski. The guy is fat and terrible.

It's probably not even worth taking any other kickers in the draft. Go for a running back that may see some time later in the season over a kicker you can pick up on the waiver wire at any time.


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