July 6, 2006


by JJ Cameron

Here we are, fans. The cream of the fantasy football crop. While it's important to have a balanced team, most champions are led by a top running back. Why? Because a majority of leagues reward rushing touchdowns above all else. With that in mind, let's review the best players at the game's most vital position …

  1. Larry Johnson: Priest who? Johnson gained almost 2,000 yards … and barely started half the seaLJ? L Yeah!son. In KC's offense, 30 touchdowns aren't out of the question.
  2. Shaun Alexander: Not a bad consolation pick. The Seattle back broke the season record for rushing TDs in 2005 and will be the feature of the league's highest scoring attack again.
  3. LaDainian Tomlinson: Still the best all-around RB in the league, the only question surrounding LT is a first-year starter at quarterback. Defenses will crowd the box.
  4. Tiki Barber: Always slipping by the top selections, Barber has proven too consistent to fall below this spot. He finished second in the league in rushing a season ago, breaking at least a 40-yard rumble seemingly every week.
  5. Edgerrin James: He's not in Indy anymore - but will the Arizona offense look so different? With top wide receivers and a QB God loves, expect a big year from Edge.
  6. Clinton Portis: Joe Gibbs will hand him the ball often, that's for sure. A string of 100-yard games ended his 2005, but Portis didn't find the endzone often.
  7. Rudi Johnson: Often overlooked due to Chad Johnson's antics and Carson Palmer's, well, talent. But the Cincy offense wouldn't go without this bruising runner.
  8. Warrick Dunn: Similar to Barber, he always falls out of the first round - and then always ends up with close to 1,500 yards on the ground. Also an excellent receiver.
  9. Cadillac Williams: If he stays injury-free, the 2005 Offensive Rookie of the Year will get close to 30 carries a game in the Tampa Bay offense.
  10. Willie Parker: No Jerome Bettis? No problem if Fast Willie gets a chance to shine every week.

Stay away from … Jamal Lewis. That guy sucks.


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