by JJ Cameron

It’s hard to choose the main reason why the Baltimore Ravens re-signed Jamal Lewis. Were they afraid his former shower mates in prison would seek revenge if they let him walk? Did curiosity get the best of the team? Just how far could his yards per carry plummet after last season’s paltry 3.4?

It’s not as though they had a solid back-up plan. The signing of Mike Anderson, a 1,000-yard back with 12 touchdowns in Denver last season, was just a ploy to make other clubs think Baltimore had lost the Jamal scent. And it worked perfectly.

The Ravens must have thought that NFL news would be filled with the Edgerrin James deal - who would even notice they brought back a former jail bird that openly stated his lack of desire at times last season? The Files, that’s who.

We’re here to make sure NO ONE drafts this lazy drug runner in any fantasy round next year. He ran for a grand total of three scores and barely 900 yards in 2005. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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