June 2, 2006


by JJ Cameron

Gates is GreatPerhaps we just just refer to this category as “Antonio Gates and everyone else.” Nevertheless, you can’t completely ignore the position of tight end during a fantasy football draft. A touchdown pass in a late-season game could mean the difference between making your league’s playoffs or not. So let’s take a look at who’s most likely to get you there …

  1. Antonio Gates: Could be worth a second or third ro und selection. His numbers are that much better than any other TE. Be hesitant, however, with first-year starter Philip Rive rs now behind center in San Diego.
  2. Tony Gonzalez - Only found the endzone twice in 2005, but no other team’s offense is as geared around the position as KC’s. Can you even name a wide receiver on the Chiefs?
  3. Alge Crumpler: Michael Vick may not even be aware that he’s allowed to throw to anyone else.
  4. Jason Whitten: They signed some selfish, loud-mouthed wide out in the off-season - but double teams on Terrell Owens will simply leave the middle of the field open for th is athletic big man.
  5. Todd Heap: Kyle Boeller has his chance(s). The quarterback stinks. Nevertheless, Heap will snare t he majority of throws that don’t instantly bounce on the ground or end up in the arms of the opposition.
  6. Jeremy Shockey: He was used more for blocking l ast season than ever before, but as Eli Manning matures, it only means more opportunities for this anger-filled tight end.
  7. Chris Cooley: He finished 205 with seven touchdowns, including three in a huge late-season victory. As Santana Moss burns downfield, Cooley will often be open across the middle.
  8. Randy McMichael: There is the chance that Joey Harrington will be throwing him passes to begin the season. We’re just sayin.

Keep in mind … Vernon Davis; he’s a rookie, but Alex Smith isn’t very good. He’ll be checking down to his tight end quite often.


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