by JJ Cameron

Will Randy Moss Rebound in 2006?We’re not saying you shouldn’t draft Randy Moss just because his agent was arrested. But it’s hard to imagine this occurrence having a positive effect on such a malcontented superstar.

Dante DiTrapno was taken into custody this week after failing to appear at a hearing from an arrest on March 14 for felony possession of crack cocaine. In this as bad as robbing people? It’s difficult to say. But Moss certainly robbed many fantasy owners of a quality season last year with his disappointing performance.

There are other reasons, meanwhile, why Moss may have fallen out of good graces with fantasy football owners. His future quarterback, Aaron Brooks, is one of them. Unless Moss dons the uniform of the opposing team, he may never see a pass come his way.

Other signings will also have a domino effect. Terrell Owens may be a despicable human being, but he’ll catch many touchdowns in Dallas next season. Steve Smith and Chad Johnson should also have risen above Moss on your draft board. As you can tell, the most arresting development from this story is that a certain Oakland receiver is no longer among the game’s elite.

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