by JJ Cameron

We may have spoken too soon. Or, at least, Matt Millen may have when he named Joey Harrington his club’s starter next season. Wait, Millen make a mistake? That’s unheard of.

Josh McCown Joins Detriot

Now that Detroit has signed its THIRD quarterback of the off-season, it’s likely that Harrington’s tenure as a Lion is finally, painfully over. The latest acquisition is Josh McCown. The former signal caller in Arizona, McCown inked a two-year deal and should complete with Jon Kitna for the starting assignment.

Of course, there’s also Shaun King. Millen signed him, as well. So, just to review:

That’s three wide receivers taken in the first round over the last three years and three quarterbacks signed over the last three weeks.

    Is there a reason why Millen has had this job for more than three days? Oh, he also signed Mike Martz. That could explain this recent QB explosion. Martz probably plans to start them all in a new flex offense of some sort. Let’s hope Marcus Vick is ready to have his named called by Detriot on draft day.

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