April 20, 2006


by JJ Cameron

The 49ers Aren't GoodNow that the 49ers possess a pair of first round picks in this year's NFL Draft, could they be planning to move up? San Francisco acquired Denver's 22nd selection in exchange for picks in the second and third round.

Rumors are swirling that the Niners will choose another quarterback with small hands. Just kidding. But they do now have an intriguing offer for Houston. Could the Texans be tempted to collect multiple first round selections and forfeit Reggie Bush to San Francisco?

It's unlikely. Whichever back field Bush does line up in - tune in April 29 to find out - expect a major impact during his initial season. If your fantasy league rewards plays over 40 yards, Bush could be worthy of a pick within the first three rounds.


March 30, 2006


by JJ Cameron

Will Randy Moss Rebound in 2006?We’re not saying you shouldn’t draft Randy Moss just because his agent was arrested. But it’s hard to imagine this occurrence having a positive effect on such a malcontented superstar.

Dante DiTrapno was taken into custody this week after failing to appear at a hearing from an arrest on March 14 for felony possession of crack cocaine. In this as bad as robbing people? It’s difficult to say. But Moss certainly robbed many fantasy owners of a quality season last year with his disappointing performance.

There are other reasons, meanwhile, why Moss may have fallen out of good graces with fantasy football owners. His future quarterback, Aaron Brooks, is one of them. Unless Moss dons the uniform of the opposing team, he may never see a pass come his way.

Other signings will also have a domino effect. Terrell Owens may be a despicable human being, but he’ll catch many touchdowns in Dallas next season. Steve Smith and Chad Johnson should also have risen above Moss on your draft board. As you can tell, the most arresting development from this story is that a certain Oakland receiver is no longer among the game’s elite.


March 22, 2006


by JJ Cameron

No matter what fantasy football league you participate in, you won’t be able to draft offensive linemen. This is a given. Systems can’t exactly reward points for pancake blocks. Nevertheless, a couple recent signings/cuts may affect your drafting strategy for the most important fantasy position: running back.

Let’s start in Seattle. The Seahawks did NOT match the offer to star guard, Steve Hutchinson. What will his signing with Minnesota mean for reigning MVP, Shaun Alexander? Most pundits believed that Alexander’s last couple of stellar seasons were due, in large part, to the league’s top offensive line in front of him.

So, is he still worthy of a top pick?

Larry Allen Brings the Pain In Dallas, meanwhile, players news continues to make fantasy waves. First, Terrell Owens signed. He’s a jerk. Not receiving as much publicity, however, was this week’s release of All-Pro lineman, Larry Allen. A really fat anchor on the line for 12 years on the team, Allen opened up holes for Julius Jones last season.

Where do you draft that running back now? And how many times will the statue known as Drew Bledsoe be sacked as a result of this decision?

The true fantasy football players follow such moves as these. They know, for example, that Keyshawn Johnson signing with the Giants affects more than just your wide receiver selection. This would also enhance New York’s running game because Keyshawn can, at least, block. It may bump Tiki Barber up even higher on your chart.


March 12, 2006


by JJ Cameron

That didn’t take long. On the first full day of free agency, the most sought after fish on the market was reeled in. Edgerrin James signed a four-year, $30 million contract with the Arizona Cardinals.

Forget what this means for which team is now favored to reach next year’s Super Bowl - the move has MAJOR fantasy implications. Let’s review:

- Where does James rank among top running backs now? Can you count on him as an elite back in Arizona? Could a player in a run-first system, such as DeShaun Foster, actually leap over Edge in your draft?

- Is Peyton Manning still the top quarterback? Will teams drop back into a constant dime defense now that the running attack has been diminished?

- What about Dominic Rhodes? Now the Indy starting back, can you expect James-type numbers from this former back-up?

- Is there a more offensively loaded team than the Cardinals? What does this mean for the apocalypse? Kurt Warner can now hand the ball to James or throw it to a pair of All-Pro wide receivers: Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald?

Does the man make the system or vice versa? That’s the question fantasy owners will have to decide as they make up their draft board next season. One thing appears to be for certain, however: apparently God really is on Kurt Warner’s side.


March 11, 2006


by JJ Cameron

Sleeper alert! Now that the Panthers have signed DeShaun Foster to a three-year contract, include him among players ready to break out next season.

With the release of Stephen Davis, Foster will finally be Carolina’s feature back. This is a running-oriented team that will gladly manage the clock by handing the ball off 25-30 times per game.

This may not be as major a re-signing as Shaun Alexander - and of course you should take last last season’s MVP over Foster. But think of this rising star before selecting veteran backs on their way down, such as Ahman Green.

Foster Lunges for the Endzone

An impressive Super Bowl performance is part of Foster’s resume. 


March 6, 2006


by Michael Stephens

Vick Talks to the PressFormer Virginia Tech star Marcus Vick is fast. He also drives that way.

[Worst. Intro. Ever.]

In any case, the quarterback pleaded guilty Monday to traffic charges that contributed to his dismissal from the team earlier this year. Vick owes a whopping $236 in fines and court costs for driving 38 m.p.h. in a 25 m.p.h. zone without a valid license on December 17.

“It’s just a traffic situation,�? Vick, who made himself eligible for the NFL draft in April, said.

He was booted off the team at Virginia Tech on January 6 after a chain of events left the school no choice. Vick stomped on the calf of a defensive player during the Gator Bowl, then, a few days later, he was arrested for pulling a gun on three teenagers during an altercation in a restaurant parking lot. Awesome work. He faces three misdemeanor counts of brandishing a firearm.

The younger brother of Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was also convicted of serving alcohol to underage girls in 2003. Despite warranted comparisons to Maurice Clarett, the younger Vick will probably be selected in the NFL Draft and given a chance to succeed in the pros. The Sporting News has him going in the third round, and calls him “a steal” if someone can set him straight.

Good luck. Maybe getting paid will keep Vick out of trouble, although I wouldn’t bet on it. This guy is just plain Hokie! Sorry. Not that you will have the chance to pick him up in your fantasy league, but if you do, don’t. If that makes sense.


February 25, 2006


by JJ Cameron

Alex Smith is a Bad QBFans of the 49ers aren’t sure how to react to the fact that the team won a coin toss over the Raiders for the sixth overall draft pick in April’s draft.

Last season, San Francisco had the top pick in the NFL Draft and made the enlightened decision to select Utah quarterback Alex Smith. He finished last season with a grand total of one touchdown pass amidst rumors that his hands were too small for the league. Seriously.

The Niners need help everywhere. They’d be lucky if Virgina lineman D’Brickashaw Ferguson fell that far, but there’s a better chance the club looks to provide Smith with help on offense with a running back such as DeAngelo Williams.


February 13, 2006


by JJ Cameron

It was the most debated question of the 2005 fantasy football draft: Is Peyton Manning worthy of the number-one overall draft pick? While running backs typically own that position, it was difficult to ignore this quaterback’s record-breaking 50 TD passes from the year before?

After Manning put up less than stellar numbers this season, however, and chocked once again in the playoffs, a different issue needs to be raised: is Peyton worthy of any draft pick?

Peyton Manning hangs his head ... againOkay, that may be exaggerating a bit - but the performance of Indy’s star QB at the Pro Bowl isn’t exactly encouraging. He finished the contest 13/26 for 139 yards, with one touchdown and THREE interceptions. Granted, it was raining. And, sure, this was only an exhibition.

But even after being leveled by Joey Porter and the Pittsburgh defense in the playoffs this season, the biggest hit Manning took may have been to his confidence. He’ll still put up significant stats in 2006 - especially if Edgerrin James signs elsewhere - but he may not even be the first member of his family chosen in next year’s draft.

The question is no longer whether or not Peyton deserves the top overall pick, but whether or not he should even be selected in the first round. The Files would advise against it.


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