by JJ Cameron

Fantasy players, circle March 3 on your calendar. That’s the day when many players become free agents and could be the beginning of a signing process that changes your entire drafting strategy. For now, we’ll focus on the starting quarterbacks that may be changing locales.

While we know where stars such as Peyton Manning will be playing for the rest of their careers, other notable passers may be suiting up elsewhere in 2006. The most intriguing of these signal callers is undoubtedly Drew Brees. Coming off another impressive campaign, Brees was tabbed as the franchise player by San Diego last season.

So why would he leave Ron Burgundy’s favorite city? A torn shoulder muscle ended Brees’ 2005 season and former first round pick Philip Rivers has been pacing the sidelines for two years. It’s conceivable that the Chargers could take a chance on Rivers, especially if they are concerned about Brees’ shoulder recovery.

Meanwhile, Chris Simms is a restricted free agent. The Bucs could match any offer for their rising star and if they slap a number-one tender on him, a team wishing to sign him would have to fork over at least a first round draft pick as compensation. Whatever the fate of Phil’s son is, he isn’t expected to put up solid fantasy numbers.

The only other interesting situation is in Arizona. Because the Cardinals will never be able to run the ball, their quarterback often accounts for a decent chunk of yards and touchdowns. It helps to have wideouts Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald on your side, as well. Keep a close eye on the decision to re-sign either Josh McCown or Kurt Warner. If either plays elsewhere, don’t even think about drafting him.

If all this seems at all confusing, take solace in one fact: David Carr will be the Texans’ QB next year. There’s a name you can cross of your draft board.



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