by JJ Cameron

The WHO is not up for debate: Larry Johnson should be the first overall pick in any fantasy football draft this year.

But what about the WHERE? Given the choice - as some leagues do, by rewarding the previous season's top finishers with their preferred positions - of which draft pick to be locked into, what spot is most likely to lead to a championship?

Let's rule out any of the middle selections right now. Assuming you agree that running backs are the most important position, how do you deciper between this second-rate tier? Do you go with Rudi Johnson, Clinton Portis, Edgerrin James?

You'd be off near the bottom. These players will have been sifted through already by fellow league members, a solid starting back will remain and you'll be set up well in round two.

LT Breaks LooseBut what about the top? Is snaring a top producer worth the wait until the second round finally swings back your way? Every early selection matters, as there are only a handful of exceptional wide receivers and backs out there. That's why we'd advoid the top spot. Johnson is phenomenal, but there may not be any serviceable backfield mates remaining by the time you pick again - and the Marvin Harrisons and Chad Johnsons of the world will also be gone.

Therefore, without further build-up, here is the ideal draft position, according to The Files: NUMBER-THREE. Here's why:

You'll end up with a top tier running back, most likely LaDainian Tomlinson. He's very good - and the value of all other backs falls significantly after the initial trio is off the board (sorry, Tiki, we still can't put you in this class).

An important contributor will still be available in the following round, while you'll barely be able to ogle over LT's stats and highlights before it's your selection again in round three. Sounds like the make-up of a successful squad to us!

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