by JJ Cameron

He’s going. He’s staying. He can’t wait to come back to Minnesota next season. He’s dying for a ticket out of town. Daunte Culpepper is proving to change tunes more than Nick Lachey changes dates.

Recently, Culpepper stated his desire to remain in a Vikings’ uniform. He seemed exicited about the team’s 2006 prospects. Now? Check out his latest email:

If a trade does not happen then I am asking the Vikings to terminate my contract as soon as possible … because of the fundamental differences I have with management regarding the approach to my personal and professional life, I think it is the best business decision for both parties to go our separate ways.

This guy emails more than a college freshman. It hasn’t been the best week for Culpepper. Earlier, he helped accuse the prosecution in the Minnesota sex cruise of racial discrimination.

If Culpepper does not remain with the Vikings, where could he end up? Call the Files crazy, but Oakland’s quarterback situation is in limbo. Could Daunte be reunited with Randy Moss in 2006? A nation holds its breath in anticipation.



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