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Left To God
03-30-2015, 06:04 AM
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Big Grin Left To God
God. Many of us sometimes, become very helpless of a issue and keep the task to God. Let God do what-ever H-e wants now. I'm from this. For one more viewpoint, we understand you take a gaze at: daycareplain on I cannot do any such thing anymore. I leave this to God. This happens often in our life once we feel powerless. Keep in touch with a terminal cancer patient who has given up most of the hopes, and you will hear no more than God. Am I right?

Many others are also left by us to God. Sometimes intentionally and many more times, without the knowledge. I'd like to elaborate. There is so much distress in the world, so much nausea and poverty. A majority of us have gone these suffering people to God. Am I making sense? We make no attempt to assist. This is what I meant by saying inadvertently. We're perhaps not bad, but we are so overwhelmed with this own life and have become so resistant to misery around us that we make no attempt to aid these folks, but abandon them to God. Some people do not take this perspective, but try and do whatever we are able to. Like Mother Teresa did. Such people become saints.

Now let us speak of something very harsh. How can leaving you to definitely God be inappropriate? This sounds contradictory. But this occurs. Let us observe how. A mother leaving her new born daughter or son on the street corner. Why? She never wanted the kid. She does not know what to inform the entire world concerning the child. She's prestige to retain in society. She's her own problems. So what could she do? She leaves the dependent child to God. Oh, Lord, In all your mercy, please care for my daughter or son. I keep my daughter or son to-you. And she walks away acting as though nothing happened. How would you understand this?

Why did she lose a new baby to her false sense of respect? Why did she give society more value than her helpless child? Why did she want to keep this act of reality? Did she make God pleased with her action? What can you call this. If this isn't vicious, then what else is this?

Why did she not pray to God - Oh, God, I have this beautiful child. I don't understand how to bring up this child. I do not know what to tell my family relations about that child. Discover further on the affiliated paper by visiting visit site. I don't learn how to face many conditions that will come while discussing this child? Please help me. I can't keep my child alone. I will bring up my child myself. Please help me. Please have your mercy o-n me?

Why do not such people leave themselves to mercy of God? Why do they try to stand up, try to earn, try to make food, and try to feed themselves? Why do they search for a medical practitioner when they are ill? Why don't they usually say, God, I'm ill, please be mindful. God, I am hungry. Please be careful. Learn new resources on this affiliated website by browsing to - User 4021134. They don't. Simply because they don't have complete faith in Lord. Get more on our partner paper - Click here: small blue arrow. The trust and surrender that makes them keep their every life situation to God is absent. But these same mothers keep somebody absolutely helpless to the mercy of God. Such mothers are harsh and ruthless. God does not enjoy them, but sends them to hell forever.

Many of us leave our beloved to God and walk out. Leaving a shattered existence, we justify our action saying - I leave one to God. There is no bigger cruelty than leaving one's favorite if they need one most. God never forgives such evil people..
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