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    Best Fantasy Football Site

    Its fantasy football season and that leaves many fans wondering which site is the best fantasy football site out there? Well don’t worry, we’ve done the dirty work for you over the past few seasons and tried out all the best fantasy football sites on all the major networks. Here is how we see it:

    #1 - Yahoo Sports Free Fantasy Football: Who says nothing good in life is free? Well certainly not us because we really like the setup they have heading in to the 2009 season. The scoring is fully customizable, the user interface has a clean layout and it isn’t stuffed with ads like some sites. The only downside in the past was live scoring wasn’t free but in 2009 Yahoo Stat Tracker is 100% free, so that really puts Yahoo over the top in our book.
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    Keeper Fantasy Football Rules

    Keeper fantasy football rules are both a lot different and not at all different from regular fantasy football league rules. What I mean by that fence sitting statement is that in a lot of respects keeper fantasy football rules are the same, but in other areas they are completely different. Let me explain.

    The scoring for keeper fantasy football leagues is usually no different than a regular fantasy football scoring system, which can vary depending on your league’s settings anyway. Running backs and receivers still get points like they would in redraft leagues, and quarterbacks still get their passing yards. Most systems like Yahoo Sports free fantasy football will allow you to set specific scoring systems in the commissioner panel.
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    Fantasy Football Scoring System

    What fantasy football scoring system you use really makes a big difference on how your league plays out as it can radically impact what players are more valuable, and as a result should be drafted higher or lower in your fantasy football drafts. Yahoo Sports Free Fantasy Football usually sets the standard for scoring, as they are the largest and best fantasy football program going. Fortunately Yahoo calculates all scores on the fly so you just need to sit back and enjoy their free stat tracking software.
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