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    Keeper Fantasy Football Rules

    Keeper fantasy football rules are both a lot different and not at all different from regular fantasy football league rules. What I mean by that fence sitting statement is that in a lot of respects keeper fantasy football rules are the same, but in other areas they are completely different. Let me explain.

    The scoring for keeper fantasy football leagues is usually no different than a regular fantasy football scoring system, which can vary depending on your league’s settings anyway. Running backs and receivers still get points like they would in redraft leagues, and quarterbacks still get their passing yards. Most systems like Yahoo Sports free fantasy football will allow you to set specific scoring systems in the commissioner panel.

    The big difference is that keeper fantasy football rules allow you to keep one or more players when the season is complete. Most keeper leagues will let you keep a handful of a players while other leagues let you keep all of your players. Usually when you get to keep all of your players that is known as a Dynasty League. The remaining players are drafted to start the next season.

    The big issue in keeping one or more players in a keeper league is that some teams could become top heavy with lots of top draft picks kept while others have no stars to keep, so you want to think of some ways to restrict owners from doing so. Some common methods include only being able to keep a player for two or three years, some leagues use a point system or salary cap. The reason for this is not to punish owners but in keeper leagues if one team is dominant, many losing owners tend to quit.

    Ultimately the only difference between keeper fantasy football rules is that you are playing for the future so youth is a consideration. As you can see in Yahoo Sports free fantasy football draft information, players like Kurt Warner who are up there in age may fall further in drafts than normal in favor of younger players like Matt Ryan. In my opinion though, people take age too seriously so if your league has keeper fantasy football rules, play for the current year and let the future sort itself out.

    Keeper Fantasy Football Rules

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