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    Fantasy Football Scoring System

    What fantasy football scoring system you use really makes a big difference on how your league plays out as it can radically impact what players are more valuable, and as a result should be drafted higher or lower in your fantasy football drafts. Yahoo Sports Free Fantasy Football usually sets the standard for scoring, as they are the largest and best fantasy football program going. Fortunately Yahoo calculates all scores on the fly so you just need to sit back and enjoy their free stat tracking software.

    Standard fantasy football scoring systems usually award 1 point per every 10 yards rushing and/or receiving for all offensive players and 1 point for every 25 yards passing for all players, but typically only quarterbacks will end up getting these points. These can be adjusted depending on your league’s desire for points, if you like high scoring matchups adjust it down to 1pt per 5 yards or 20 yards passing, etc.

    Touchdowns can vary by position. Normally rushing and receiving touchdowns are scored at 6 points each, but passing touchdowns are typically scored at 4 points each since quarterbacks throw quite a few touchdowns over the season. Some leagues include touchdowns for kickoff and punt returns, but typically these are awarded to defenses.

    Some leagues also give points per receptions to running backs, wide receivers and tight ends, this is known as PPR scoring. PPR scoring is typically 1 point per reception, but it can vary up and down with some leagues rewarding receptions with multiple points and some awarding ½ a point per catch or one point per every 2 catches, with the latter rounding down for every odd number of receptions.

    Kickers usually receive one point per extra point, but when it comes to field goals scoring can vary. Some leagues score all field goals at 3 points each, whereas others give bonus points for distance. For example a 45 yard field goal might be worth 4 points, a 55 yard field goal worth 5 points etc.

    Lastly, defenses tend to have the most variation but normally they start with a given number of points and the number of points or yards given up usually decreases that amount. Points are usually also rewarded for interceptions, forced fumbles and sacks. Special teams touchdowns are also rewarded to the team defense that scores them.

    If you are new to fantasy football setting up a fantasy football scoring system can seem complex at first, but most leagues just use the standard scoring and don’t tinker with it. Systems like Yahoo Sports free fantasy football do all of the calculating for you, and their free stat tracker software lets you watch it live as the game happens. Whatever fantasy football scoring system you choose sit back and enjoy the season!

    Fantasy Football Scoring System

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