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How to Publish Your Book o-n Amazon for $99
03-30-2015, 05:57 AM
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Big Grin How to Publish Your Book o-n Amazon for $99
Quite a while ago, on the desktop far, far away...

Who has not wanted not only creating their very own book, but seeing it in publications o-n, having a replica for their bookshelf, buying 'five copies for my mother'?

Well, you will get it done for a $99 charge and some cybernetic elbow grease. This site will show you how I did it, and chances are you can do it too. I've been studying for many years about Print On Demand, the awesome new techology where you devote PDF documents on one end (One for the cover, one for the insides) and a lovely, perfect-bound, bookstore-quality book happens another. I've even seen the technology in motion at an document imaging tradeshow (that's my profession, from the way.)

I've known others who've used Print On Demand (POD) as an easy way to self-publish, including my own father. My problem with that's I have no place within my garage for books, I do not need to get involved in the process of selling and transport books, handling returns, and so forth. http://Www.Amazon.Com/Glass Files contains supplementary information about the inner workings of it.

Suddenly, while Googling something this morning, I stumbled on some excellent Goo. Amazon, the internet bookstore, has absorbed a POD manager named BookSurge, which makes it another Amazon team. Now I could get my book project, distribute it to Amazon/BookSurge, pay a fee, and VOILA! my book is on Amazon for everyone to purchase. I-t ships within 4-8 hours, BookSurge gives me a-25 royalty within 60 days, I will even buy five copies for my mother at a discount!

I sent BookSurge and was given an account manager, who I'll call Joseph (since his name is Joseph). I asked concerning the details of publishing a book. For $599 I could get the hand-holding, mail us your manuscript version of the publishing, or if I was bold, brave, and could format my own PDFs, for $99 I could use the Author's Express program to add my book projects.

$99 looked just like the way to go, because my book generation project was designed to be the forerunner of many more titles.

I ran all around the site, getting case PDFs, submission guidelines, and anything else I may find. The site recomends using Adobe -something or another- for text formating, and Adobe Acrobat 6 (not 7!) for PDF creation.

I decided from the git-go that Microsoft Word and PDF Factory Pro would need to work for me, because that's what I had on my desktop, and I don't need to spend weeks studying still another desktop publishing software, though I'm sure it is a good one.

Besides, I had been considering writing this page, and I wanted to come back up with an activity most anyone will be comfortable with.

The only real shortcut I got is that my address is plain text, with no pictures about it. I realized my first book will probably provide mostly if not entirely o-n Amazon, and quite a cover isn't that impor-tant there. Regardless, I will always go back and update my model (The excess charge for resubmitting when the book is published.), both the interior or even the cover is $50

Sample documents and a whole step-by-step explanation of how I prepared and posted my three books (so far!) reaches
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